How to Tell When You Need New Tires

Your car’s tires are one of the most important parts, and it’s essential they work properly for your safety. Not having up-to-date tires can drastically alter your driving experience. A lot of people tend to drive with bad tires because they don’t know how to identify when it’s time to get new ones. The NHTSA found that there were 738 tire-related crashes in 2017. To avoid an accident, learn how to tell when you need new tires.

Try the Penny Test

The most common way to see if you need new tires is to use a penny. To check your tires, follow these steps:

1. Take that penny and place it upside down on several tread grooves located on your tire.
2. If you can see the top of President Lincoln’s head on the penny, then it’s time to get a new tire.
3. If the top of his head is not visible when you place the penny in the tread groove, then your tires are in good shape.

Tread Wear Indicator Bar

Another way to tell is to look at the tread wear indicator bar. You can typically find indicator bars on newer tires, and the bars are barely visible when you first put the tires on. As you continue to use the tires, the bars become more visible. If you start to notice the bars, it’s a sign that you may need to get new tires.

Sidewall Damage

An obvious sign that you need new tires is if you notice severe damage on the sidewall. This can be anything from cuts, punctures, cracks, bulges, and more. It’s important to inspect all your tires regularly in case there isn’t obvious damage.

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