Checklist to buy a set of winter tires


As winters are around the corner, this is the time to make your car ready for the snow-laden roads and yes, it starts right here by switching to winter tires. This guide has every piece of advice that you will ever need to buy the best winter tires in Canada for your car. So, stay tuned till the last.

Your Personal Guide to Best Winter Tires

  • 3 Major Components of Winter Tires
  • All-Season Or Winter Tires
  • All Four Identical Tires
  • Brands Make a Difference
  • The Terrains
  • Do You Need Studs?
  • Do You Need New Wheels Too?
  • Are second-hand tires worth it?

3 Major Components of Winter Tires

If you ask, what makes the best winter car tires? I will say, look for these three major components:

  • Rubber compound – It is the foremost trait that distinguishes winter tires from summer tires and all-season tires. The tires are made with relatively soft pliable rubber compounds for better traction and resistance against extreme temperatures.
  • Tread Blocks – Another noticeable feature of winter tires is tread blocks with biting edges to grab onto the snow and maintain a grip. Winter tires have a relatively higher “void to lug” ratio – more grooves between tread blocks.
  • Siping – The more the siping the better the traction. Siping is the little zigzag cuts you will find throughout the tread patterns. These small patterns, along with providing better traction for safety on snow-laden roads, improve the mileage rating of the winter tires.

All-Season Or Winter Tires

Once the temperature falls below, 7℃, you can no longer drive with all-season tires as they start to become stiff (like plastic) and lose traction and braking length. Always keep an extra pair of winter tires if you live in regions where winter means snowfall. Even in the lowest temperatures without snowfall, you will love to drive with winter tires.

All Four Identical Tires

This is indeed the peak season for winter tire purchases, still, there is no reason to adjust. REPLACE ALL THE FOUR TIRES OF YOUR CAR. All four tires must be identical (same size, type & brand), especially for the 4WD or AWD vehicles.

Brands Make a Difference

Brands ensure quality, safety and longevity. Do not overlook the importance of genuine winter tires from the best brands. While Michelin and Pirelli have a certain fan following, one can also trust Bridgestone, Continental or Nexen. Moreover, the choice depends on the vehicle type, make, model and brand.

The Terrains

You will soon realize buying winter tires from the best brands was an investment when you are driving on high altitudes or uneven terrain (during the winter season). So, this adds another point. Ensure the quality and type of winter tires according to your driving frequency and the terrains.

Do You Need Studs?

Studs are an additional feature on the winter tires. If you live on the outskirts of the city and driving through uneven or partially paved roads – you might need more than just winter tires, you might need studded winter tires. Icy and uneven roads are where studded tires take the best control. Do you drive on such roads?

Do You Need New Wheels Too?

If not all, some winter tires could lead you to buy a set of new wheels too. So, before buying a set of winter tires make sure you know the exact requirements of your vehicle or ask an expert about the winter tire and rim packages for your car model.

Are second-hand tires worth it?

Yes, they are. A second-hand pair of high-quality tires from trusted brands are way better than the new ones of mediocre quality. It is always better to prioritize quality over age (only if the tires are one or two seasons old). Do not buy the tires manufactured two years ago and are unsold. But still, it is best to prefer a new set of tires instead of a used one.

Rely On Experts for Your Winter Tire Purchase – Conclusion

Regardless of the brand, the chances are that you might end up buying the wrong winter tires for your vehicle. So, before spending on winter tires, take advice from an expert or check recommendations from the “vehicle make and model” feature at Click It Wheels. 

Kickstart your winter journey with the best car tires.