Stop Mix-Matching Your Car Tires Immediately - Here’s Why?


Are you the one mixing car tires and thinking it will give you the same optimum performance, speed, and safety on the roads? If two out of the four tires are old or worn out, this is an indication that you need to change all four tires. Not just the word around the town, but it is expert recommended that your car tires be of the same brand, size, tread pattern, load index, and speed rating.

Manufacturers do not recommend Tire Mixing

There are specific instructions on tires by the manufacturers, based on the specification of the tires. These instructions hold the highest esteem while getting new ones for your car. People also come up with innovative methods to cut their costs by installing winter car tires with all-season tires together. Will it improve the efficiency of your vehicle? Or can you use them all season long? On the contrary, the practice will let the tires wear out much sooner than you think. 

People often mix run-flat tires with their non-run-flat counterparts. Tires of different treads, sizes or brands are used together. These practices should stop if you want to make the best of your car tires.

Reasons for Not To Mix Your Car Tires

Variation In Seasonal Tires

While winter tires are known to give excellent grip, traction, and braking speed below 7 degrees and are perfectly capable of slitting through snow-covered roads, summer tires are none like that. In fact, in winters, if the temperature falls down -10C/14 F, even the best all-season tires go like hardened plastics from flexible rubber, adversely affecting the traction and thus the braking speed of the car.

Uneven Wearing Of Tires

Tires, if used, are destined to wear out someday. But with tires from similar brands, having the same tread pattern, traction and robustness will wear out at the same time and might live longer. On the other end, mixing the tires will create an uneven load on the four wheels resulting in some wearing faster than others.

Restricted Performance

Mix matching the tires will undoubtedly hinder your car’s overall performance as they will not be able to work in coordination, providing efficiency to your vehicle. With compromised performance, speed and load capacity, in the long run, this might also cost you higher fuel costs than you should pay.

Hard To Drive

Your car tires are designed according to the traction and handling properties. Running the vehicle with mixed tires – different tread patterns and load index will make it even harder to drive on the roads of Canada. This will ultimately cause vehicle handling and braking issues.

Invest In Branded Tires – Conclusion

More than the cost, the best car tires are a future investment. Therefore it is recommended to spend on branded tires. Apart from the identical tires for all four wheels, make sure your tires are from the trusted brands supplied by the certified seller of tires. Paying a bit more attention while replacing your car tires can help you go straight for 5-10 years without needing to bring new ones. Buy car tires online from all the top brands at Click It Wheels.