Aftermarket Wheels, Rims Or Tires Void My Car's Warranty

A warranty is an agreement between you and the manufacturer of your car. It promises to take care of the applicable repairs and help you maintain the vehicle. Now, the real question is, after getting the warranty, if you modify your car with aftermarket parts like high-performing tires, and aftermarket wheels will that discard the warranty of your vehicle?

Most manufacturers will want you to believe it does, but the truth is far from that. Fewer modifications to the car shall not hamper its warranty. However, there are some changes that might be out of your car’s warranty coverage. Stay tuned till the end.

Laws Regarding Aftermarket Vehicle Parts

All the warranties on consumer products are supervised by regulatory bodies. The car’s warranty is not hampered until the manufacturer can prove that the aftermarket fixture is the direct cause of the failure. The consumer can safeguard his rights under the Consumer Protection Act. In fact, the same act states that under no event the manufacturer can force the consumer to use only OEM parts showing the threat of a void warranty.

Warranty – Partially Void Or Denied

Under no circumstance, the entire warranty of your car will be denied. There might be a case when the manufacturer does not guarantee repairs of the aftermarket parts, or some parts might not be covered under warranty (partially void), but this is still no reason to deny the warranty of the remaining car parts altogether.

When you take your car for repair to your dealer, it must file a claim with the manufacturer – it is how the repair is done, and the workers are paid. If the circumstance (that led to the damage) isn’t covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, the claim will be denied and will have to be paid by the dealer/customer.

Circumstances That Nullify The Warranty

  • Salvage Title

If your car is damaged beyond repair and is deemed a complete loss by the insurance company, your entire warranty will be violated. On the other hand, buying a salvaged car shall not be an issue as long as you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle. Although, before buying any such vehicle from an independent owner, know about the car’s past well in advance.

  • Misusing The Vehicle

Manufacturers may not give you a guarantee against vehicle misuse. While misusing the vehicle is a broad term encapsulating racing, overloading, overexerting, etc., technically, anything aside from the regular operation of the car is doomed as “vehicle misuse”.

  • Environmental Damage

If your vehicle is destroyed in a fire or an earthquake, the manufacturers can deny any warranty on your car.

  • Tampering With The Odometer

If the car’s odometer is disconnected or tampered with, it will be impossible for the dealer to determine the exact mileage. It may result in voided warranty from the manufacturer’s end.


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