6 Best Ways to Prepare Your Car for College

Summer is nearing its end, and the new school year is approaching. NCES states, “Total [university] enrollment is expected to increase between fall 2018 and fall 2027 to 20.5 million.” With enrollment increasing, more cars are likely to be stored on campus. Not everyone brings their vehicle to campus, but if you do, here are the best ways to prepare your car for college.

Get an Oil Change

It can be hard to find the time to get an oil change during the semester, which is why you want to get it right before you leave for school. If you have to drive a long distance to get to your college, an oil change is especially important. You may also not use your car as much because you can usually walk to where you need to go, which means your oil change could last you the entire semester.

Clean the Exterior and Interior

Keeping your car clean isn’t as difficult while at school if you clean it prior to departing. You should also use this opportunity to get rid of any extra stuff lying around, which will make packing much easier. Make sure your vehicle gets a good car wash, so it looks spick and span for the new semester.

Get a AAA Membership

Car breakdowns are impossible to predict, and it’s also harder to find the time for repairs while you’re at school. That is why you should get a AAA membership. With a AAA membership, you’re provided help with any roadside assistance you may need.

Get Any Necessary Repairs Done

You want your car to be in the best shape possible before you head to campus. Get your car checked out by a mechanic and get any necessary repairs completed. You should also stay prepared for potential breakdowns by having a spare tire at your disposal. There are plenty of car wheels for sale from Click it Wheels to fulfill your spare tire needs.

Fill It Up with Gas

Gas is one of the main things you pay for throughout the semester. Before you depart for the new school year, fill up your tank. Chances are, you will not use your car as much when you are back on campus, so that full tank will last you longer. It’s also better for the health of your car.

Update Your Insurance Card

The final way to prepare your car for college is to store your updated insurance card it in. You want that updated card easily available, and the best place to put that is in a compartment within your car. This is a necessary precaution that prevents you from paying hundreds of dollars for driving without an insurance card in the event you get pulled over.