4 Common Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment

A proper wheel alignment will ensure your car’s tires are functioning properly. Not having good alignment can affect your tire’s longevity, your drive, and more importantly, your safety. Be on the lookout for these four common signs you need a wheel alignment.

Pulling Toward One Direction

The main sign you need a wheel alignment is when your vehicle pulls toward the right or left as you drive. This can be a slight pull or drastic one. An indication that your vehicle’s alignment is correct is if you can let go of the steering wheel and it continues to drive straight without drastic control.

Irregular Tire Wear

The next way to check for poor alignment is to inspect your tires. You may notice that your tires squeak, which means you could have uneven tread wear. Your tire wear pattern can look many different ways; however, the main focus should be on your front tires having the same pattern as your rear ones. If you find the patterns don’t match, this may be a sign that you need to invest in high-quality wheels. Click it Wheels offers products and wheels from industry-leading brands, including Mazzi, Milanni, and Manzinni wheels.

Steering Wheel Shaking

Have you ever noticed that when you drive faster, your steering wheel begins to shake? If you have, this is another common indicator that your wheels need an alignment. The vibrating occurs when your unbalanced tires move at high speeds, thus causing that shaking you feel in the steering wheel.

Steering Wheel is Crooked

Another part of your steering wheel you should pay attention to is whether its crooked or not. Your steering wheel should naturally be straight. This may be hard to notice but look to see if you are always having to keep the wheel straight as you drive.