12 Emergency Items You Should Have in Your Car

Emergencies can happen anywhere, but they’re much more likely on the road. The thing about car accidents or breakdowns is your options on how to handle them can be limited if you’re not well prepared. Every car is prone to breakdowns, but if your car is 10 years old or older, a breakdown is four times more likely. Your best bet is to prepare for any emergency you may come across. There are many items you should have at your disposal to get you out of dangerous situations. Learn all about what you should put in your car, so you can easily solve a repair or get yourself to safety.



You don’t get to choose when a car accident or breakdown occurs, and one happening at night is probably the worst moment. Part of dealing with a breakdown or accident is seeing what’s wrong with your vehicle under the surface. If you want to look for the problem and repair it, you want to have a flashlight handy. This way, you can see your car’s critical components, and you can easily diagnose your car problem. We also recommend you have back up batteries packed in your car too, in case the flashlight goes out.


Jumper Cables

Another common car emergency is when it won’t start. This can happen if you forget to turn off your lights or from cold temperatures. To restart it, you will need a set of jumper cables handy and someone else’s help. To power up your car, you will need to connect it to someone’s car battery with the jumper cables. If you have the cables handy, you can eliminate one obstacle you have to overcome.


Portable Battery Charger

Most of the time, you can get someone to help you out if your car won’t start, but there’s still a chance that no one will be around to assist you. To avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, have a portable car battery charger with you. This will allow you to jump start your car without the help of someone else. Another great thing about a portable battery charger is that you can use it to charge your phone too, in case you need to use it.


Lug Wrench/ Jack

A flat tire is another car emergency you might face, and it’s one that you can easily fix if you have the proper tools available. A lug wrench and a jack will help you change a flat tire. When you buy car tires, make sure you always get a spare tire as well, and keep that in your vehicle too.


Tire Pressure Gauge and Inflator

A flat tire will also require you to check the spare tire’s pressure to ensure it’s safe enough to drive on. A pressure gauge will give you a psi reading, so you’ll have an idea of just how full the tire is. You may need to fill it up, which is where a portable tire inflator will come in handy. Some tire inflators come with pressure gauges included with them.



If you live in an area where you suffer through brutal winters, you want to have a shovel in your car for the season. A shovel will help you get out of the snow if you get stuck. If you’re worried about not having the space in your car for it, there are many foldable shovels available you can easily store in your car.


Snow Brush/ Ice Scrapper

Another item you will want for the winter is an ice scrapper. If it snows, there’s a good chance that it’s all over your car, and the snow’s weight may be too heavy for your windshield wipers to handle. That is why you will also want to have a snow brush with you. This will help you remove any excess snow from your car, so it’s safe to drive. The great thing about snow brushes is they typically have ice scrappers attached to them because there will be times when you have to deal with both issues at once.



If your car breaks down in the winter, you can’t know when you’ll get up and running again. You have no idea how long a repair might take, and it can be dangerous staying out in the cold without heat. You should keep blankets in your car to keep you warm, and don’t forget to include some spare coats and gloves.


Tow Strap

There’s always a chance that you could drive into a ditch, especially in the winter. Towing straps can get you out of that ditch with the help of another vehicle. Your car may also run out of gas, and you may need a lift to the nearest gas station. Towing straps can get you out of situations when your car cannot operate.



A knife can be handy for just about anything, and it’s an essential item you should have with you. A swiss army knife can assist you in a repair, and it can also help you get your seatbelt off after an accident if you get stuck. It doesn’t have to be large or expensive, but it can serve as a great tool if you’re in any type of emergency.


Fire Extinguisher

Faulty wiring, blown gaskets, and leaks are just some of the ways your car could start a hazardous fire. A fire extinguisher for your car is the best way to be prepared if that happens. A great place to store that fire extinguisher is under the car seat with a bracket. That way, it’s easily accessible.


First Aid Kit

You never know what kind of injuries you might face if there’s an accident. A first aid kit full of items that can treat your wounds while you’re on the road is necessary to have. Items from band-aids to scissors are incredibly useful. An injury can occur from an accident or as you try to repair your vehicle; it’s best that you’re ready for both circumstances.

12 Emergency Items You Should Have in Your Car infographic